The cryonic chronicles

CRYOSHOCK is a 3-piece metal band from Karlshamn, a small town in the south-east of Sweden.

Musical influences are drawn from a variety of sources, creating a hard and heavy fusion of various metal genres with a core consisting of thrashy death metal. The songs are mainly short and intense, with a high impact and lots of energy, but also a good amount of variation and a bit of catchiness.

The history in short is that guitarist Lars and drummer Martin knew each other from playing in a band together many years back, and had both been on a hiatus from playing music for some time when they ran into each other at the Mörkaste Småland extreme metal festival in 2015. They got to talking about playing music, and Lars suggested that they would form a new band. Oskar was recruited to perform bass and vocal duties, and a rehearsal space was arranged at Musikforum in Karlshamn.

A few years later, Oskar decided to leave the band, and eventually Niklas was recruited to as replacement. The band has been working hard from the get-go, rehearsing and composing music.

All releases are available on the major digital platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Deezer etc. There's Bandcamp and Youtube players in the Listening section, so go have a listen!




Bass, Vocals



Guitars, Backing Vocals