Cold Front Rising: The cryonic sequel

The sophomore release was recorded in 2018 in Martin's old garage, among boxes, tools and various stashed-away household items. This was during Swedish winter so it was pretty damn cold in tha garage. When laying down the drum tracks this wasn't a problem, since drumming gets you warm, but it proved difficult to play guitar with freezing hands, so an electric heating fan had to be installed. Cold outside and heating inside also proved to attract some of the local fauna, and if you were lucky you could see a little mouse or two running around, obviously unsettled by the ruckus. Seven tracks were recorded, and once again editing, mixing and mastering was done without external involvement. This time by a bit more experienced hands, which should be obvious when listening to the final product.

A Czech artist going by the moniker Moonroot Art was commissioned to paint a front cover. A rough concept idea from the band laid the foundaition for him to create an incredible piece of art.

Once again, we released the recording ourselves, although initially exclusively as a virtual release to cut back on the budget. Cold Front Rising was released on April 28, 2019, through Spotify, Itunes, Deezer and a multitude of other online platforms. T-shirts were manufactured, stickers printed. After perceiving some interest in a physical medium, a stack of CD:s were finally manufactured by DiscRepublic/Skivtryck, in the shape of a pretty nice digipak. Somehow it just doesn't quite feel like a proper release until there's something you can hold in your hands, right?