The Cold New Regime: Raising the stakes

The first proper full-length, and the first label release, "The Cold New Regime is taking the death/thrash of Cryoshock to a new level. Still DIY in the sense that all the tracks were recorded in the band's rehearsal space, and edited and mixed at home, but this time professionally mastered by Dan Swanö at his Unisound studio, now residing in Germany.

Ukrainan artist DaemorphArt was commissioned to create the album artwork. Based on the title track, he got free hands to create a full artwork, and you can judge the outcome for yourself.

After reaching out to a long list of labels, and having received a few offers back from various underground labels, the decision was made to go with Mexican label Ablaze Productions, that released the album as a digipak CD on March 29th, 2024.